Photos - Updated March 30, 2021

Spectrum (Charter) Internet Speed - Intel NUC (HTPC) connected to a TV running Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1 Linux connected via ethernet cable through two switches.  
Internet Speed

How do I identify which Linux distro is running and other information by running the following commands:
cat /etc/issue
lsb_release -a
neofetch (If installed)

Linux version and other information

How to Clear Apt Cache and Reclaim Precious Disk Space

Reclaimed 475 MB
Reclaimed 475 MB

Reclaimed 954 MB
Reclaimed 954 MB 

How long does it take for your Linux system to boot?
Linux  boot time 27 seconds
Intel Core i5 with 16 GB RAM = 27 seconds

Linux  boot time 21 seconds
Intel Core i7 with 32 GB RAM = 21 seconds


HTPC (Home Theatre PC) Desktop and Icons
HTPC Desktop

Taskbar Icons

- Showing only 14 hours usage!

Network Closet
-This is not a fancy wiring job; but very easy to troubleshoot and to work on.
Network Closet

- Showing System Information, Disk Erase and  GSmartControl. Note the lifetime hours of 25,370 hours and 18,274 hours.
PartedMagic System Information

PartedMagic Disk Erase

PartedMagic GSmartControl